Eu handicap: 25 factors to understand about athletics betting 

What Is Asian Handicap? How To Read Football Betting Asian Handicap ?

The handicap, therefore, arises to give an advantage, or a “teaspoon” to this weaker team. Asian Handicap betting of any kind is more likely to attract professional punters than casual punters for a number of reasons. But many professionals might ignore the option to bet on the Asian Handicap half-time market, having faith in their ability to select a winner over 90 minutes. Asian Handicap half-time betting is exclusive to the sport of football.

This is because most bookies would push on other markets since not a lot of people bet on draws. Zero handicaps also exists as a draw is considered an available option. As you can see, simple Asian handicaps seem easy enough, but quarter-handicaps may create confusion among some beginners. So let’s discuss this kind of asian handicap betting more details.

Some sites in Nigeria have AH odds for basketball, ice hockey and tennis. This gambling system uses half and quarter goal increments, which creates a broad selection of wagers. A negative symbol is used to show the team with the advantage. The wagering system spread across the region and then to Europe and the U.S. Currently, it is one of the must-haves in sports gambling, especially for football markets.

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Nigerian punters can find online bookmakers that offer odds of between 1.90 and 2.00. Subsequently, they provide opportunities to increase profits when wagering on teams with uneven strengths. Somewhere between a gull goal and half goal, there’s a quarter goal handicap. Basically, the easiest way to understand a quarter goal handicap is to think about splitting your stake in half to the closest full goal and half goal handicap. Full Goals are represented by whole numbers such as – 0.00, -1.00, -2.00 and so on. This type of AH betting doesn’t necessarily remove the possibility of a draw option, but in cases where a match does end in one, the bettor gets back their stake rather than lose it.

Live betting is an opportunity to bet already during the game, that is, in online broadcasting. Lack of ‘lives’ can be called a possible violation of confidence in the right choice before the start of a sporting event. The full goal Asian handicap bet also helps to lower your risk as it incorporates the stake returned element. This means you can bet in the knowledge that even if your bet doesn’t win, there is a decent chance that you will have your stake refunded. In the example above, should Bayern not perform at top gear, they are still likely to win and may even win by two goals, which would see your stake returned.